Blue Bloodhound

Blue Bloodhound Launches Their New Platform 2.0

October 1, 2017

Hickory, NC -- Today, Blue Bloodhound is launching their 2.0 platform that is addressing a frustration point that contributes to the driver shortage by matching CDL drivers – with or without their own truck – with thousands of jobs.  The online tool and mobile app lets drivers shop runs, pick their pay and get instant deposits – with or without their own truck.

 “Truck drivers are frustrated by the lack of flexibility, respect and relatively low wages,” says Tana Greene, founder of Blue Bloodhound, an online tool created to transform how hiring works in the conservative world of trucking.  “Many drivers don’t want the structure of a W-2 job but have no other alternative unless they can afford their own tractor and trailer and become an owner-operator.”

By the Year 2020, 40 percent of American workers will not work for a company and those that do, will most likely have a side-gig. Truckers are some of the country’s original “gigers” in an industry that’s generations old -- before the digital on-demand economy existed. 

“I’m able to step into the cab of a major carrier and drive a run that works with my schedule,” says Robert Santiago, a Blue Bloodhound driver who has completed dozens of runs.   “The pay is known upfront and deposited into my account when I finish the haul.”

Greene sees the benefits from every perspective citing, “Carriers win because they don’t have to onboard based on volume and fluctuation of runs and drivers get the respect and pay they deserve.”

Drivers can sign-up at Blue Bloodhound and begin work within a matter of days.