Driving as an Independent Contractor


You can continue to work as an employee driver while working as an independent driver with Blue Bloodhound. Employee drivers are W-2 workers employed by a company.

Top 3 Advantages of Being an Independent Truck Driver


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Manage Schedule



Tax Deductions



Differences between Employees and Independent Drivers


Employee Independent Contractor
Usually drives for only one employer. Usually drives for more than one company.
Works the hours set by the employer. Sets his or her own hours.
Usually is based at the employer’s place of business. Based out of own office or home.
Often receives employment benefits, such as health and disability insurance. Does not receive employment benefits from the companies they drive for.
Works under the control and direction of the employer. Works relatively independently.
Tends not to incur costs or make investments in the work. Incurs the costs associated with performing the job.
Receives net salary after employer has withheld income tax, Social Security and Medicare tax under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). Is not subject to tax or FICA withholding, but pays his or her own self-employment tax.
Will likely be eligible to receive unemployment compensation after layoff or termination. Is not eligible for unemployment compensation benefits.
Will receive worker's compensation benefits for any workplace injury. Is not eligible for worker's compensation benefits.
Generally (unless employment is "at will") can be terminated by the employer only for good cause and with notice. Generally (unless the contract is for a specified term) can be let go by the employer for any reason, at any time.
Is covered by federal and state wage and hour laws such as minimum wage and overtime rules. Is paid according to the terms of the contract, and does not receive additional compensation for overtime hours worked.
Has the protection of workplace safety and employment anti-discrimination laws. Usually is not protected by employment anti-discrimination and workplace safety laws.
May be entitled to join or form a union. Is not entitled to join or form a union.

Tax Preparation for Independent Contractor Truck Drivers

Blue Bloodhound offers you an independent professional tax advisor available to you for free consultations regarding setting yourself up as a 1099 contractor. Watch this video for more information.

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We encourage you to use the IRS website for explanations and instructions on operating as a 1099 independent contractor.

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